I started working as a DJ in 2012. It all began with my insatiable passion for heavy music and it feels great to be able to connect this love with work.

But unlike most metal heads out there I didn’t grow up to that kind of music. To be honest I was slow in the uptake when it comes to heavy tunes… anyway still better late than not at all I guess ;-)

On the job I mix old classics with new stuff from soft to heavy but never boring. My collection starts with albums from the 60ies up to the present. But if you want to ask me for my favorite band I definitely can’t give you a proper answer as there are just too many. It also depends on my mood which song or band I’m into at the moment. But what I definitely can say is that – among many others – I’m a huge fan of all the NWOBHM bands and the first band that touched my heart and still does is Dream Theater.

I hope I can also inspire some of you guys out there to get into it and enjoy music the way I do.